This course is for you

  • because you know that diets don't work

  • because you haven’t been able to lose weight until now

  • because you want to make sense of why you’re not losing weight and how to remedy this

  •  because you want to change the way you see food and yourself.

What's included

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    Easily absorbed videos with subtitles to watch

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    Audio book that you can download and listen to on the go.

  • Read

    An accompanying ebook that you can read at your leisure

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Course curriculum

    1. Why am I bringing another weight loss course to your attention?

    2. Why you should stop dieting for good

    3. Popular Diets

    1. Are all calories equal?

    2. Why obesity isn't in your genes

    3. What do microbes have to do with weight loss?

    4. How Intermittent Fasting can help your health and weight

    5. Why you can't outrun a bad diet

    6. Why you don't have to cut your portion size

    1. CRAP food might not be what you think it is

    2. Why is refined sugar so bad for you?

    3. Why there is no junk food

    4. How trans fats are making your fatter and sicker

    5. Fruit versus fructose

    6. Water is the cheapest weight loss tool

    1. Do you think that you're a food addict?

    2. How to get rid of cravings

    3. Do you feel deprived if you can't eat all the biscuits in a packet?

    4. How stress makes you fat

    5. Do you know the link between sleep and weight?

    6. Be your own slim friend

    1. Thank you

    1. Ditch Dieting for Good Audio Book

About this course

  • £47.00
  • 24 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

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Elaine Hilides

I'm Elaine, MA, Dip.Psych, Dip.Diet and Nutrition, a Three Principles Coach and Facilitator since 2010. I'm also a Three Principles Trainer, a no.1 selling author and International Speaker.

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