The course is for you

Why is this course for you?

  • you'd like to know more about the Three Principles but don't want to join an expensive programme?

  • you haven't got time to spend days in a formal group

  • you've been impacted by the Three Principles but can't find the words to share what you've seen with friends and family?

  • you'd like to be able to speak fluently about what you've seen?

Or maybe you just want to deepen your understanding?

  • to let go of old habits and self doubt?

  • to have richer relationships with friends and family?

  • to see through the barriers that hold you back?

  • to feel how health increases as stress decreases

  • to access your own resilience

To become part of this world wide transformative experience

What's included

  • Watch

    Six hours of short easily absorbed videos with subtitles to watch

  • Listen

    Six hours of audio that you can download and listen to on the go.

  • Read

    An accompanying ebook that you can read at your leisure

How to use this course

You can go through the course in a linear fashion as each lesson builds on the last or you can jump in and out of the lessons as they are also stand alone. This means that if there is an area that you would like to see with more clarity, click on the lesson and be prepared for change to happen.

An introduction to Sydney Banks 

and this course

Lifetime access to six hours of content for just £97

Less than an individual session

Dip in and out of watching videos


Listen to audios in the bath or on the bus

Read the ebook or listen to the full length audio book when the mood suits you


Can't wait to jump in?

Course curriculum

    1. About me

    1. Introduction

    1. The Three Principles Video

    2. Mind Video

    3. Consciousness Video

    4. Thought Video

    5. Single Paradigm Video

    6. Implication versus Application Video

    7. Grounding Video

    8. Misunderstanding Video

    9. Keep it Simple Video

    10. Formless Video

    11. Listening Video

    12. Reality Video

    13. Separate Realities Video

    14. Unknown Video

    15. Insight Video

    16. Wisdom Video

    17. Show not Tell Video

    18. Self Correcting Machine Video

    19. We're always experiencing Thought in the moment Video

    20. Expectation Video

    21. Being in the Now Video

    22. Identity Video

    23. Truth Video

    24. Beliefs Video

    25. Illusion Video

    26. Neutral Video

    27. Resilience Video

    28. Habit Video

    29. Conditioned Thinking video

    30. Stories Video

    31. Self Video

    32. Self Improvement Video

    33. Personality Video

    34. Taking things personally Video

    35. When do people get their best ideas? Video

    36. Acceptance Video

    37. Clarity Video

    38. Mindset Video

    39. Moods Video

    40. Emotion Video

    41. Vulnerability Video

    42. Depression Video

    43. Anxiety Video

    44. Overwhelm Video

    45. Disappointment Video

    46. Stress Video

    47. Confidence Video

    48. Control Video

    49. Willpower Video

    50. Security Video

    51. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable Video

    52. What if Video

    53. Illness Video

    54. Don't trust empirical evidence Video

    55. Possibility Video

    56. Do Nothing Video

    57. Freedom Video

    58. Moving Forward Video

    59. Letting Go Video

    1. The Three principles Audio

    2. Mind Audio

    3. Consciousness Audio

    4. Thought Audio

    5. Single Paradigm Audio

    6. implications versus Applications Audio

    7. Grounding Audio

    8. Misunderstanding Audio

    9. Keep it simple Audio

    10. Formless Audio

    11. Listening Audio

    12. Reality Audio

    13. Separate realities Audio

    14. Unknown Audio

    15. Insight Audio

    16. Wisdom Audio

    17. Show not tell Audio

    18. Self correcting Machine Audio

    19. We're always experiencing Thought in the moment Audio

    20. Expectation Audio

    21. Being in Now Audio

    22. Identity Audio

    23. Truth Audio

    24. Beliefs Audio

    25. Illusion Audio

    26. Neutral Audio

    27. Resilience Audio

    28. Habit Audio

    29. Conditioned Thinking Audio

    30. Stories Audio

    31. Self Audio

    32. Self Improvement Audio

    33. Personality Audio

    34. Taking things personally Audio

    35. When do people get their best ideas? Audio

    36. Acceptance Audio

    37. Clarity Audio

    38. Mindset Audio

    39. Moods Audio

    40. Emotion Audio

    41. Vulnerability Audio

    42. Depression Audio

    43. Anxiety Audio

    44. Overwhelm Audio

    45. Disappointment Audio

    46. Stress Audio

    47. Confidence Audio

    48. Control Audio

    49. Willpower Audio

    50. Security Audio

    51. Getting comfortable with feeling Uncomfortable Audio

    52. What if Audio

    53. Illness Audio

    54. Don't trust empirical evidence Audio

    55. Possibility Audio

    56. Do nothing Audio

    57. Freedom Audio

    58. Moving forward Audio

    59. Letting go Audio

    1. The Three Principles and how to share them with family and friends

    1. The Three Principles and how to share them full length audio book

About this course

  • £97.00
  • 122 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do people switch off when I talk about the Principles?

    There are many reasons this happens. One is that you haven't been invited to share and another is that you've gone in to 'teaching' mode. This programme will help you to talk about the principles without talking about the principles and people will listen.

  • I've got some understanding of the Three Principles, do I need this course?

    No one needs a course but this programme will deepen your understanding and help you to share what you've uncovered with those around you.

  • There are so many free resources on the internet, why should I take this course?

    There are some wonderful free resources out there, I have many free videos and interviews for people to watch too. But this course brings everything together and enables you to dip in and out at will. If there is something you're not seeing clearly, you can watch a video, listen to an audio or find the relevant section in the book quickly and easily instead of trawling through the internet.

Meet your Instructor

Elaine Hilides

I'm Elaine, MA, Dip.Psych, Dip.Diet and Nutrition, a Three Principles Coach and Facilitator since 2010. I'm also a Three Principles Trainer, a no.1 selling author and International Speaker.

Elaine Hilides

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